System and Browser Recommendations

Note About Requirements/Recommendations

The guidelines on this page are for registering and logging in. The educational website you gain access to may have slightly different requirements. Check the site for site-specific system, browser, and plug-in requirements.

Operating System Recommendations

Windows®: XP or Vista

Mac OS®: v10.3.x or v10.4.x

Internet Connection Speed
Your Internet connection speed can be as low as 28.8 Kbps. This means that you can use a dial-up connection.

Screen Resolution
This site works best at a minimum screen resolution of 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

To check your screen resolution and to adjust it if needed:

  • Windows users: go to Settings > Control Panel > Display > Setting.

  • Macintosh users: check and adjust the screen resolution in the Monitors Control Panel (OS 9) or Displays within the System Preferences (OS X).

Web Browser Requirements and Settings

Windows XP: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Version 6.0 or 7.0, or FireFox™ Version 2.0.x

Windows Vista: Microsoft® Internet Explorer Version 7.0 or FireFox Version 2.0.x

Mac OS: Safari™ 1.3 (10.3.x only), Safari 2.0 (10.4.x only), or FireFox Version 2.0.x

AOL Users

You cannot use the America Online browser to view this site. You can, however, use AOL as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the Internet, then run Internet Explorer within AOL.

To check whether your browser is up-to-date for Pearson Education products:

  • Use our Browser Tuneup, which can identify which browser you are currently using and provides options to download browsers.

  • OR
  • Click the Help menu from your browser, then choose About to view your current browser version. If needed, you can download a newer browser version by going to the appropriate website:

Your browser should be set to accept:

Cookies: Browsers should be set to accept

The acceptance of cookies is usually turned on by default in your browser. (Cookies are small bits of information that are stored by your web browser while using a Pearson website that contains secure online content.) This registration process only makes use of "session" or "temporary" cookies, which are deleted when you close your web browser. Such cookies contain no personally identifiable data and are used to ensure that each form submission you make while completing registration is coming from your browser.

  • To find out how to view or change your browser's privacy settings for accepting cookies, refer to your browser Help.
  • If these registration pages are framed by another Pearson Education website
    In this context, your browser may treat cookies coming from the site as "third-party" cookies. ( Third-party cookies originate from or are sent to a website other than the one you are viewing.) Depending on your browser privacy settings, some third-party cookies may be blocked. To ensure that your browser accepts third-party cookies during your registration, you may need to adjust your privacy settings to allow "all cookies."

JavaScript: Browser should be set to accept

This browser setting is usually turned on by default. (JavaScript is a scripting language that allows web pages to be interactive, such as to display buttons.)

  • To find out how to view or change your browser's setting for enabling JavaScript, refer to your browser Help.

SSL: Browser should be set to support

For your privacy protection, the registration pages in this process are transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Support for SSL is enabled by default on the browsers listed above.

  • If information in your browser Help does not address your inability to view pages for this registration process, contact your network administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Use our Browser Tuneup to check if the necessary plug-ins are installed for Pearson Education products.

Security Software

Firewalls: May need to adjust

If you are accessing the website from a computer or network with a firewall you may need to adjust the firewall to ensure that you can access all of the links on the site. If you are using a network computer please check with your network administrator for assistance in adjusting the firewall.

Pop-up Blockers: May need to deactivate

You may need to deactivate pop-up blockers on your computer when accessing the site.