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Evaluating Key Subsystems

Your Ideal Computing Device


  1. What kind of computing device is best for me?


Evaluating the CPU Subsystem


  1. What does the CPU do, and how can I evaluate its performance?
    Sound Byte: Using Windows to Evaluate CPU Performance


Evaluating the Memory Subsystem


  1. How does memory work in my computer?
  2. How do I evaluate how much memory I need?
    Sound Byte: Memory Hierarchy Interactive
    Active Helpdesk: Evaluating Your CPU and RAM
    Sound Byte: Installing RAM


Evaluating the Storage Subsystem


  1. What are the computer’s ­storage devices?
  2. How do I evaluate my storage devices?
    Sound Byte: Optical Media Reading and Writing Interactive
    Sound Byte: Installing an SSD Drive

Evaluating Other Subsystems and Making a Decision


Evaluating the Video and Audio Subsystems


  1. What components affect the quality of video on my computer?
  2. How do I know if I need better video performance?
  3. What components affect my computer’s sound quality?
    Active Helpdesk: Evaluating Computer System Components


Evaluating System Reliability and Making a Final Decision


  1. How can I improve the reliability of my system?

    For all media in this chapter go to or MyITLab.

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