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Learning Objectives

1.Define the three aspects of death.
2.Compare death in hospitals with death in hospices.
3.Describe children's and adolescents' understanding of death.
4.Describe the meaning of death for adults.
5.Discuss the issues involving fear of death.
6.Describe people's preparations for death.
7.Summarize the research on dying persons saying goodbye to their family and friends.
8.List Kübler-Ross's stages of dying.
9.Summarize the criticisms and alternative views of Kübler-Ross's research.
10.Discuss the issues impacting the responses to impending death.
11.Identify some of the psychological functions of death rituals.
12.Discuss the issues involved in the process of grieving.
13.Summarize the issues surrounding "copycat" suicide.
14.Discuss the issues surrounding widowhood.
15.Explain the issues involved when an infant dies.
16.Describe how Freud's psychoanalytical theory explains grieving.
17.Describe how Bowlby's attachment theory explains grieving.
18.Summarize the alternative perspectives on grieving.

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