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Learning Objectives

1.Identify the characteristics of the elderly population.
2.Summarize the issues involved in the coming demographic crisis.
3.Describe the research findings on longevity.
4.Summarize the changes in the brain in late adulthood.
5.Identify the changes in the senses of the elderly.
6.Describe the theories of biological aging.
7.Describe the behavioral effects of physical changes on the elderly.
8.Summarize the research on the likelihood of institutionalization of older adults.
9.Identify the symptoms and causes of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
10.Summarize the research on mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.
11.Summarize the information about computers and dementia.
12.Describe the research on depression in late adulthood.
13.Describe the changes in memory in late adulthood.
14.Summarize the research on wisdom and creativity in late adulthood.
15.Describe Erikson's view of integrity.
16.Distinguish among other theories of late-life psychosocial functioning.
17.Identify the individual differences that impact successful aging.
18.Summarize the research on the use of religious coping in late adulthood.
19.Summarize the effects of the changes in roles in late adulthood.
20.Trace the pattern of the living arrangements of older adults.
21.Summarize the issues involved in deciding on nursing home care.
22.Describe partner relationships in late adulthood.
23.Summarize the research on elder abuse.
24.Describe the family relationships in late adulthood.
25.Assess the importance of friends in late adulthood.
26.Identify the gender and racial differences in social networks.
27.Identify the changes involved in the timing of retirement.
28.Examine the influences on a person's decision to retire.
29.Assess the effects of retirement.
30.Summarize the research on adults who choose not to retire.
31.Summarize the research on training older adults in the technological workplace.

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