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Learning Objectives

1.Describe the key points in the psychoanalytic perspective relevant to adolescence.
2.Explain Marcia's theory of identity achievement.
3.Discuss the issues involved in teenagers who are employed.
4.Describe the changes in self-understanding during the teenage years.
5.Summarize the development of sex-role identity.
6.Describe the development of self-esteem during adolescence.
7.Discuss the issues involved in ethnic identity.
8.Summarize the issues involved in the search for minority role models.
9.Discuss the issues involved with locus of control.
10.Describe the changing relationships of adolescents with their parents.
11.Discuss the issues involved in adolescents' relationships with peers.
12.Discuss the issues involved in homosexuality among adolescents.
13.Explain Kohlberg's theory of moral reasoning.
14.Identify the causes and consequences of moral development.
15.Identify the criticisms of Kohlberg's theory.
16.Describe the relationship between moral development and antisocial behavior.
17.Discuss the effectiveness of the efforts at preventing youth violence.

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