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Learning Objectives

1.Describe the psychoanalytic perspective of social and personality development.
2.Describe the ethological perspective of social and personality development.
3.Summarize the issues involved with adoption and development.
4.Describe the development of the parent's bond to the infant.
5.Describe the development of the infant's bond to the parents.
6.List and describe the variations in attachment quality.
7.Describe how the characteristics of the caregiver influence attachment.
8.Summarize the research on the long-term consequences of attachment quality.
9.Summarize the research on attachments in different cultures.
10.Explain the dimensions of temperament.
11.Describe the research on the origins and stability of temperament.
12.Explain the relationship between temperament and development.
13.Summarize the gender differences in temperament.
14.Trace the steps in the process of the development of the self-concept.
15.List the issues involved in studying nonparental care.
16.State the advantages and disadvantages of day care on cognitive development.
17.Describe the issues involved in determining the effects of nonparental care on social development.
18.Describe the variables that should be included when interpreting research on nonparental care.
19.Identify the criteria for choosing a high-quality day-care setting.

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