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Learning Objectives

1.Explain the process of reproduction.
2.Summarize the results of research on twin studies.
3.Summarize the impact of genetics on inheritance.
4.Describe the mother's experience during the three trimesters of pregnancy.
5.Outline the milestones of the three stages of prenatal development.
6.List some of the sex differences in prenatal development.
7.Describe some of the research findings about the behaviors of fetuses.
8.Identify some common autosomal disorders and common sex-linked disorders that affect prenatal development.
9.Identify common trisomy errors and sex-chromosome anomalies that can affect prenatal development.
10.Summarize the effects of maternal diseases on the embryo or the fetus.
11.Identify drugs taken by the mother during pregnancy that can cause damage to the child, and describe the symptoms the child might exhibit.
12.List and describe other influences on prenatal development.
13.Summarize the dilemma associated with pregnant women who have epilepsy.
14.List various types of prenatal diagnostic tests to detect fetal abnormalities.
15.Summarize the choices about birth that may be available in Western countries.
16.List and describe what happens in each of the three stages of labor.
17.Summarize the research on infant-directed singing.
18.Distinguish between the two tools use to assess the health of infants.
19.Describe the risks associated with low birth weight in infants.

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