Flex TextInput Control Labels for Accessibility

What Works

There are two techniques that work:

  1. Add a toolTip attribute to the TextInput tag in the source code. (Also creates a visual tooltip.)
  2. Or, give the TextInput an id, and write action script to assign an accessible name to the TextInput, as described by Andrew Kirkpatrick at WebAIM's blog. Note that: creationComplete only worked sporadically, so I switched to using initialize.

What doesn't Work

Placing Label Controls before TextInput elements in the reader order DOES NOT always successfully give the TextInput Control a label. In JAWS, some portion of text before the TextInput is selected as the label, but it is not always limited to the label. In WindowEyes, the textInput is simply unlabeled. Also, I could find no standard way to programmatically connect a Label Control with a TextInput control in Flex.


Tested With and Works as Described With

  • Flex Builder 3
  • JAWS 11, Window Eyes 7.2
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Flash Player 10