Status for aria-live

  • Cannot be relied on today. (Until it is more widely supported.) Consider using role="alert" if screen updates provide essential information.
  • If your product or portions of your product only work or are only accessible in IE, do not use this if delayed updates would be disruptive. (until bug is fixed). As of February 2012, we are no longer seeing this with current software versions.
  • Never use for something that updates very frequently on a page with other features that need the user's attention. The constant updates could be very distracting. (This will always be the case.) This should never be used for timers or items that update more than once a minute, unless the user can stop the automatic announcements, while still using all functionality on the page. For example, the user must be able to use a timer if that's part of the activity, but keep it from talking each second. Just being able to stop the timer is not enough.
  • Note that even the best implementations fall behind in their announcements if you try to announce every second.
  • Note that there must be enough time between updates for the text to be spoken.

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