Layout Tables that are Read as Data Tables

Ideally, according to coding recommendations, tables without any table markup (th, scope, headers, caption, summary) would not be announced by screen readers. These are layout tables. And tables with data table markup (th, scope, headers, caption, summary) would always be announced by screen readers as tables.

However, some screen readers have been designed to guess whether or not a table is a data table based on various algorithms involving the number of cells or the amount of text. This is because for a long time (back in the Middle Ages, before the Renaissance) Web pages were created without accessibility in mind! So, AT manufactures had to do the best they could, considering.

We need to follow the coding conventions, and eventually the AT will provide a standards-compliant mode. However, we also want our accessibility to work well for our users TODAY. To ensure this, we add role="presentation" to any layout tables.

Layout Table which Window-Eyes 7.2 Regards as a Data Table

Because of the number of cells used, Window-Eyes considers this to be a data table, even without any data table markup.

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Layout Table which JAWS 11 and Window-Eyes 7.2 Regard as a Data Table

There is no data table markup, but because there is so little in each cell and so many cells, JAWS 11 and Window-Eyes 7.2 both treat this as a data table. For example, JAWS says "table with 3 columns and 3 rows".

1 2 3
four five six
7 8 9