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Brady ePrep for EMT


Brady ePrep for the EMT is a mobile test prep app built specifically for iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Android devices. Users have the options to take a comprehensive test or test across specific content areas. Questions mimic state and national exams with topic areas covering airway & breathing, cardiology, trauma, medical, obstetrics & pediatrics, and operations. All tests have rationales and are reinforced with text, photos, illustrations, or video clips.

This application is perfect for the student to practice and prepare for national and state certification exams.
With Brady ePrep you have the following available at your fingertips to help you pass your EMT course and national and state certification exams.

IMPORTANT: Brady ePrep requires a HTML5 compatible browser. Visit www.html5test.com to determine if your browser needs to be upgraded. This site also contains a list of browsers that you can upgrade to if needed.

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