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Chapter Practice Test

This activity contains 18 questions.

Question 1
1 Which of the following muscle types is both voluntary and striated?
End of Question 1

Question 2
2 Muscle cells initiate nerve impulses.
End of Question 2

Question 3
3 Which of the following is a special adaptation present in skeletal muscle cells, but absent in most other cells?
End of Question 3

Question 4
4 The final "go" signal for skeletal muscle contraction is __________.
End of Question 4

Question 5
5 The __________ are extensions of the sarcolemma, and serve as a rapid communication system that ensures that every myofibril in the muscle fiber contracts at virtually the same time.
End of Question 5

Question 6
6 The thin myofilaments of skeletal muscle are composed chiefly of __________.
End of Question 6

Question 7
7 Acetylcholinesterase __________.
End of Question 7

Question 8
8 Myofibrils are composed of repeating contractile elements called __________.
End of Question 8

Question 9
9 Which of the following statements is false?
End of Question 9

Question 10
10 When an action potential arrives at the neuromuscular junction, the most immediate result is __________.
End of Question 10

Question 11
11 If a muscle is applied to a load that exceeds the muscle's maximum tension, __________.
End of Question 11

Question 12
12 Properly controlled skeletal muscle contractions produced by changing the frequency of stimulation or the strength of stimulation are accomplished by __________.
End of Question 12

Question 13
13 The most efficient means of producing ATP is __________.
End of Question 13

Question 14
14 What would occur if a muscle became totally depleted of ATP?
End of Question 14

Question 15
15 Match the muscle fiber to the appropriate characteristic.

Using the pull-down menus, match each item in the left column to the corresponding item in the right column.
A fatigues quickly
B fatigue resistant
C moderately fatigue resistant
End of Question 15

Question 16
16 Which of the following is false regarding smooth muscle?
End of Question 16

Question 17
17 Choose the true statement.
End of Question 17

Question 18
18 Duchenne muscular dystrophy is more common in females than in males.
End of Question 18

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